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Help with Transport from another Angel (Cloud9Golf & Peugeot South Africa)

In our line of work, the Child Protection Society of Lethabong desperately requires transport to collect donations and have quick and easy access to children’s need in an emergecy. Cloud9Golf and their partner Peugot South Africa came to our rescue!

NY6Gina Read from Cloud9Golf, our angel who so generously gives of her time, resources and business partnerships, assisted the Child Protection Society of Lethabong by assisting with her company vehicle sponsored by Peugeot South Africa  for our collection route! It was an incredible day of fun and smiles, but moreover, we were able to collect donations and keep our grass-roots organisation going for a little bit longer.

Thank you Gina, the Cloud9Golf team and Peugeot South Africa!

  1. saintdo Reply

    Good job!

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